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It truly amazes me that when one or the othre, Family Search or Billion Graves, goes down, THAT the other goes with i!!!  

I know they are connected mainly because we are NOT dumb people and can figure it out.  Are the same "techs" working on both?  If so, maybe they should find another job because it is so frustrating with both of the sites.  It is usually Family search that goes down and then Billion Graves goes with it.  I understand Family Search after being there for so many years but honestly can't something be done to disconnect the two so both don't go down?

If I sound upset it's because I AM.  Fixing the sites would help~
asked in Transcribing Images by Agnes BG Rookie (900 points)

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Actually, we are only partnered with FamilySearch.  We are completely separate from each other, and no, the same technicians are not working for both companies. I use the site frequently, and haven't noticed this phenomenon even when working during a FamilySearch shutdown.  We do share records with FamilySearch, and Billion Graves records might not be accessible when their site is down for maintenance. This is an issue with FamilySearch not Billion Graves.
answered by ayoung BG Beginner (300 points)