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Once AGAIN, every image that comes up has already been transcribed, same thing yesterday.  Why can't someone FIX IT?  You are going to lose your transcribers, as it is a total waste of our time.

asked in Other by Shirley BG Explorer (1.4k points)
Have clicked on over 200 supposedly available images only to find they have already been transcribed.  Site is getting worse, not better

2 Answers

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Shirley - i have found that I have to go to the aggravating filter system and select a particular cemetery to get images to transcribe. I will also say that last night, there were very few new images in the transcription pool that were in English (at least American English). Most of the cemeteries in that drop down list only had a few showing and most of those were untranscribable or not Engllish language.
answered by dswright BG Master (37.9k points)
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We are finding that many of the heavy transcribers are skipping over or marking harder to read transcriptions as unreadable. ( This is because they take longer than 30 seconds to read.) Personally, I love a great challenge when it comes to transcriptions and love trying to figure out dates and names on a stone.  If you are like me, and like this type of activity, choose any cemetery you like with green pins. The green pins are stones that are difficult to read. Use other websites to figure our whom this stone belongs to.  It's challenging and fun!
answered by ayoung BG Beginner (300 points)
100% correct. I enjoy doing the detective work to try and identify as many graves, marked and unmarked, as possible. Every grave has a story and represents a persons life.

I also search large cemeteries for the surname ‘unknown’. That usually brings up a few too.

Keep up the great work.