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Anyone else having issues with the 2 week hold on recently uploaded images? I've visited some really old church graveyards in Ireland and wanted to do the transcriptions myself. I selected the option to transcribe them myself but a day after uploading, other users have already transcribed them. Since the headstones are weathered and hard to read in pictures, many of the information was transcribed incorrectly. I've emailed the helpdesk and hopefully this is resolved asap.
asked in Transcribing Images by Ccornwall BG Beginner (290 points)
I think that everyone who has been frustrated by this rule should let BG know directly. If I went on vacation time to an ancestral place to photograph graves, bu did not have time to do the transcriptions during my travel time, I want the option to reserve those to myself for later transcriptions. My old but still functional phone gets bogged down with storage issues if I can't upload and delete as soon as possible, so I don't have the option to let 4-500 photos sit in my phone without uploading them.

Please let BG know what and why you are doing your own work, so they reach some understanding of the impact this "rule" has and the number of users who want it changed. They need to come up with another user-friendly way for group projects to do the very important work that they do, without leaving the rest of us open to poaching (aurthorized or not).

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Please let us know if BG support has restored your right to those images. This untimely "poaching" of photos has been an on-going issue for some time. In the past BG has been able to reset the photos to the queue and control of the original photograph. Sure hope they do it right again. Keep after them on this one. Especially if the transcribers are doing a terrible job of reading those old stones.

Thanks for trying to do those old churchyards - many of  those of us with immigrant ancesters will never be able to travel there and find these graves for ourselves. I am so grateful to the grave documentors who do these old ones.

answered by dswright BG Master (37.9k points)
selected by Ccornwall

I heard back from BG support. It's very disappointing news. Here's the response I got for holding transcriptions for two weeks:

"The rule only works if there are no transcribers within a 50 mile radius of the cemetery.  If the transcribers are within that 50 mile radius they can transcribe images taken. This helps those who are in large volunteer groups work together for a project.  We apologize for any frustration this may cause. "

I'm probably just going to manually upload small batches at a time so I can make sure I get to transcribe them myself. This has been ridiculously time consuming to try and go through every image, correcting mistakes and adding missing information. Not a fan.

That 50 mile  rule was supposed to have been rescinded some time ago. I thought we had had some assurance from BG that we would be able to keep our own photos, and this is just not acceptable to me.  

I also thought they were supposed to be putting a toggle into the upload system so we could release our photo immediately, or hold them for 10 or 14 days. I have not taken photos for several months, but you indicated in your initial post that you selected some option. Can you show us some screen shots of how you did that?

If groups want to transcribe they need to create a single log-in for the group's activities. if I were manager of a group, I would be sorely ticked off if I expected my team to photo and transcribe but other folks, with no knowledge of that cemetery, jumped in and transcribed badly.

BG might "apologize for any frustration" and find that a lot of good photo/transcriber historians decide they would rather spend their efforts elsewhere. I try not to be negative about a lot of the problems with BG, but this is one that I feel very strongly about. Some old cemeteries are very difficult to do, both photos and transcribing, and may require special effort to document the details using confirming sources. You should have a right to do that if you wish.

I am pretty sure I am not alone in my opinion on this matter. We have been over and over it time and again.


They did put in a toggle but apparently it only works for transcribers outside that 50 mile radius sad 

As soon as you choose to upload all your images, a box appears asking if you want to transcribe them yourself and put a 14 day hold on your images or release them for others to transcribe. A useless feature in my opinion with that 50 mile radius "rule". I can't get a screenshot for you because it doesn't appear again after the images have been uploaded. 

I agree with you that only folks working in the project group should have access to transcribe. This is a huge mistake on BG's part because it is very frustrating. I got headstones from the late 1600s through the early 1800s that are being flagged as unreadable or, worse, transcribers simply guess dates and names. Maybe if BG users make a big enough stink about this, they will reimplement a hard 14 day hold? I really do hope this is rectified.

I took a random image so you could see the box that appears. 

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Despite the new toggle I've had this happen more frequently of late. I'm also photographing an old cemetery  with weathered stones. The transcribers who jumped on photos.within a day or two of uploading made a thorough mess of things which took much longer to correct. From now on I will be letting the app upload 10 or so pics at a time and then switching the app  off so the remainder of the photos I have taken will not be uploaded until I can do them myself. Unfortunately this currently seems to be the only available way of stopping these bandits.
answered by megabear BG Explorer (2.5k points)
edited by megabear
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I think the whole purpose of being able to reserve your photos, so that you alone can transcribe them is of prime importance to this whole BG project.  You are the one photographing them. You have seen them with your own eyes; and it is quite possible you have taken notes for hard to read stones.  If you are allowing others to transcribe them, just because they are in a geographical proximity to the cemetery, it is absolutely ludicrous.  

Photos most of the time cannot detect what the human eye can, so if you are allowing others to transcribe your pictures then you are probably going to get inaccurate information.

Personally, I've been working on a very large cemetery, photographing in small pieces, in a systematic method that allows me to keep track of where I've been. Unfortunately, the GPS coordinates have not been the greatest and have misplaced stones well away from their actual location.  I've "reserved" my photos, so that I can transcribe them one at a time and subsequently adjust the pins on each and every headstone into their correct location in the cemetery, based on my photographing methodology.  If others get into my photos, they don't know that the pins are misplaced and are not going to be unable to move them to their correct location. It would make more work for me to correct them and it would make it virtually impossible for anyone using the app to locate a headstone.

BG fix this issue!  If I want to allow others in a "group" to transcribe them, then I should have the ability to direct which transcribers I want to have access to the photos.  They should not have access just because they live relatively close by.
answered by P35K377 BG Explorer (2.4k points)
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I am also having this issue again. Was good for a long while but now with the new transcription page I find I am not only getting my photos but other peoples as well !!. The photos are coming up, not in the order I took them either. I MUCH PREFER the old transcription page for doing my own photos, and I too have resorted to uploading only a few at at time to stop others transcribing my photos. I don't think it is a deliberate act, I think it is a side affect of the NEW transcription page.

I did send feedback on this but got NO response.
answered by Marijke Bullians BG Explorer (1.9k points)