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I linked a lot of photos of headstone together not realizing what I did. How do I unlink the photos? So that each photo is separate?

Example is Juraj Adam in Hanusovce nad Toplou in Slovakia. Check it out or better yet unlink them. I want to transcribe the photos I uploaded yesterday.
asked in New to BillionGraves by vegasbronze BG Beginner (130 points)
Hello - I found your cemetery, and after seeing what had been done, I took the liberty to unlink all but a few around the two stones you had already transcribed. I left a few so you could try doing it yourself and see how the link/delink works.

Sometimes you have to open an adjacent image in a new tab to be able to delink it from the others. Just keep trying.

Very nice photographs - what is your device?


2 Answers

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DO unlink them before anyone starts transcribing. Easy to do. Just open a photo, go to the bottom of the photo screen and click the "Link more photos" button at the bottom. This will open the linkage section and you can unlink by clicking the red (-) dash. Do them all as quickly as you can.

Then go to "MY PHOTOS" and you should be able to see which ones are still linked, in case you miss any. I don't have any in my own profile right now to show a screenshot, but I think that linked photos in that view will have a yellow (+) sign.

Reply back with the URL of the cemetery and a couple of the photos if you need more help.

answered by dswright BG Master (37.9k points)
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Just go to the limage linker byaccessing the " + add more images" box at the bottom right of your image then  and press the red button (with minus sign) on each of the image(s) you want to unlink..
answered by megabear BG Explorer (2.5k points)