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I’ve been searching online for ages to try and find where my great grandparents are buried. I live in Australia which makes it hard and I also do not know what cemetery, around (Glasgow) as far as I know. Their names were Myles Andrew Archibald McGowan1901-1966 and Isabella Robertson Nicol 1904-1999
asked in Cemeteries by Luke BG Beginner (130 points)

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Unfortunately this would be difficult for us to find.  Usually, there will be a person or persons who go out to a cemetery and take pictures of the headstones and then they are transcribed.  Thus, your hope is that someone goes out and happens to photograph the headstone and post it on BG.  They may not even have a headstone

If you knew the cemetery, you could put in a photo request for that cemetery and one of the volunteers might go out and search for it.

I don't know how other countries do things (I live in the US), but our death certificates usually have where the person is buried.  Both Ancestry.com and FamilySearch have a good amount of death certificates posted and you could peruse there.  

Of course, one of your family members may remember where they are buried.
answered by Agster BG Explorer (1.8k points)