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It just started today when I logged in to do a cemetery.  Why doesn't the page of countries and cemeteries retract after you choose them and hit next?  Kinda hard to read thru a black screen ya know..  It just started today when I logged in to do a cemetery.  If it's not one thing it's for sure another.  The only thing I like about the new program is that the pictures of the headstones are bigger and easier to read!  Transfer that feature to the old and I'll stay there!  Thank you!
asked in Other by Agnes BG Rookie (900 points)
Another thing I noticed is that the graph for people helped has disappeared on the dashboard page.  What is going on?

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Ditto - the drop-down menu of countries and cemeteries doesn't disappear and the next button doesn't work. Haven't worked on anything in two days.  Note: the old program works (which I didn't like), so if you're addicted to transcribing, try the old version.
answered ago by tuckersmom BG Explorer (1.2k points)
edited ago by tuckersmom
Tried to contact Help Desk - what a joke. I've had it with BG. Do all this work for them and they can't even respond or explain what is going on. I'll use my time and talent somewhere else.