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I've taken thousands of photos and researched and added many Cemeteries.

I been away from BG,for a couple of months my time taken up with another project.

All my hard work seems to have vanished, I now show a paltry number of Graves contributed and little in the way of transcriptions.

What have I missed.

I am upset that all the hard work done is no longer recognised.
asked in Dashboard by WisperHawk BG Rookie (800 points)
Sometime in the past week, something bad happened in the BG website.

1. My profile records changed a bunch. I had uploaded at least 4700 photos in the past and transcribed over 20,000. Now the counter says that I have only done 470 uploads and only 7800 transcriptions.That simply does not compute, as I have been a BG+ member for 32 consecutive months and at 500 transcription (or more) per month that = over 16,000 total + the ones (many) that I created while doing cemetery corrections work.

2. Also my phone will photograph and upload, but the 123 photos I took several days ago do not upload to my profile, and I can not access them to edit and link. I have sent several messages directly to BG support about this one, as I can't take advantage of good spring weather to take photos right now. Two of my local cemeteries have a lot of trees, and I wanted to get them done before the canopy closes.  I also know I am not the only person who has had this issue, as yesterday while scouring the site for transcribable images I found another cemetery where there was a recent upload of over 200 photos that did not get linked to the photographer's user name.

3. The counters and filters for the languages countries and cemeteries are also a mess.

4. They have also just in the past few days made some tweaks to the web pages, and not to the better I am afraid.

5. Apparently there was a "update" to the Android app in March, which no one bothered to inform us about.

I too am concerned that this site is just about to implode.  I can't take photos right now, I can't do transcriptions because there are not any in the queue, and I don't enjoy doing corrections because of issues with the indexing.

Enough of this rant; but BG needs to get their programming staff to actually try using the site so they see what the issues really are.

Hope you find your lost work.

Just back today, and looks like the issue has been fixed, numbers now reflect the effort.

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I'd contact BG Support and ask them. it might help if you can give them the URLs of cemeteries you have added or photo's that have gone missing. As far as I know nothing has happened that  would have deleted your effort but as you no doubt appreciate users in Community have little control over the program. I'd be a little upset too if my work vanished.
answered by megabear BG Explorer (2.5k points)