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asked in Using the Android Application by BillionGraves Admin BG Master (157k points)
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Thanks for contacting BillionGraves. Android is a tricky operating system. Each device uses a different type of GPS. Our suggestion is this. 

1. Make sure you have the most updated version of the application. It can be found here. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.och.BillionGraves

2.Close out all applications using the phones GPS.

3. Check location services and make sure all 3 GPS features are on.

4. Contact your cell phone provider and have them enable third party application usage.

Please answer these questions for the developer: 

Application Build: (ex: 31, 33, 35, etc) http://community.billiongraves.com/1501/how-do-i-locate-my-billiongraves-application-build


OS Build: http://community.billiongraves.com/1497/how-do-i-locate-my-android-os-build

Device Manufacturer: (ex: Samsung S3, Moto G, etc)

Device Type (Tablet or phone)

Please describe the issue with enough detail that would help us narrow down the issue

Q: Is the application crashing due to this issue? (Yes, No)


Q: What steps did you take that let you directly to this issue? (List steps from main Billion graves menu: Take Pictures, Records, Cemetery, Dashboard, Photos, etc.)


Q: Is the issue reproducible? (Yes, No)


Q: Does the issue occur every time? (Yes, No)

Q: Are you able to still use the application or is it not working at all? (Yes, No)
Please email answers following this format to http://billiongraves.com/support/
 The developer will then be notified.

Finally, we are making changes to Android. We are working on improving the GPS for the application and other features. 
answered by BillionGraves Admin BG Master (157k points)