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asked in Transcribing Images by ManofSteel BG Explorer (1.4k points)

Good news, they enabled merging duplicates; may be limited to cases where you took one of the duplicate images. The name, dates, and locations have to be the same so you would need to change any incorrect information before the Duplicate would show as a duplicate.


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There are times when records may have duplicates due to multiple image takes or a system error. Do not worry! We have a step by step solution when the automatic duplication manager misses a duplicate record.


Please follow these steps:


First you will need to have transcribed 100 images into records to gain access to duplicate merging!


Set the records exacly as the original. Make sure the name, dates, and location are the same. DO NOT type DUPLICATE or COPY in the field. Support can only merge the records if they are set to the exact as the orginal.


Find the URL (web address)  of the Record.


Copy it and Paste the URL in an Email to http://billiongraves.com/support/


To exponentially increase the response time from support, please provide the following information in the email.


1. Place the following in the subject line “NEED RECORD MERGED"


2. Your BillionGraves Username "Display Name"


3. The email address you provided during registration. (This is the email you login to BillionGraves with.)

answered by BillionGraves Admin BG Master (157k points)
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