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Many of you will now see the Link Images tab in the Transcription area. We have created this tutorial that will demonstrate how to link images from the transcription area and add a pre existing record to an image.


1. From your Dashboard you will want to navigate to the Transcription tab.  

2.Click the tab to open the Transcription Page. 

3. On the Transcription Page you will want to scroll down and click the Link Tab.

Note: This Tab will take you to the Linking Page.   

4. Once the tab is clicked you will be brought to the Linking Page

Note:The Linking Page will have the original image from the Transcription Page.


5. Select from Images Taken Before Or Images Taken After

Note: Selecting the Green Plus button will add that Image to Image from the Transcription Page. 

6. Images are now Linked.

Note: To Delink follow the same process except use the  button.



To Link Images to a Pre Existing Record:

1. Click the Link Tab

2. Locate the images Taken Before And After.

Note: Images Outlined in Blue are Pre Existing Records.


3. Open the Pre Existing Record by selecting the Number on the Record. 

4. Add the Image from the Transcription Page by selecting the Plus Button.

5. The images are now Linked.



For more information please click the link below to watch a short video on linking records. Before you follow the steps in the video you will need to navigate to the transcription tab. From there follow along as the video will explain the Link Tab and the new linking page.




If for some reason you have an issue with linking go to http://billiongraves.com/support/.




BillionGraves Support Team

answered by BillionGraves Admin BG Master (157k points)
Schön, das Video ist natürlich in englisch, aber der Grabstein in deutsch.

Well, that video is of course in English, but the grave stone in German.