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My image totals on my dashboard are not the same as the totals on the leaderboard?

My photos are being ranked poorly for some reason and I don't know why?

How do I fix, flagged/Reported images so my ratings will be better?
asked in Editing by hudson4866 BG Explorer (4.2k points)

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When uploading photos to BillionGraves you might have accidentally uploaded the ocassional blurry photo. In the past, transcribers might have flagged this record when trying to transcibe it, removing it from the system, which may hurt your photographer ratings. 

No need to fret! There is now a simple way to fix this. With our Reported Images feature on our new "My Statistics" page you'll be able to see every picture that has been flagged and fix it, restoring your perfect 5 star rating! 

To dive into your reported images:

1. Log into your BillionGraves account


2: Navigate to My Photos: (Select Photos -> My Photos)

3: Select the "Statistics" button in blue. 

Note: If you want to jump straight to your "Reported Images" you can click on the "Reported Images" link. This will show you all the images that have been reported, BUT WILL NOT TELL YOU WHY THEY WERE REPORTED. For more details regarding why a particular image was reported, continue on to the "Statistics" page.

4: Viewing Reported Images

This page contains several important stats about your account. Most importantly, for this tutorial, we will focus on the middle section where each reported image has been broken down into 6 main categories.

Remember: While all 6 categories are important to fix, the ONLY category that effects your photography rating is the "The photo is blurry or unreadable". This is VERY important, because you as a photographer can control whether the photo is blurry or unreadable because of HOW YOU TOOK THE PICTURE. We understand that there are photos that just can't be transcribed no matter how good of a picture you take. Which is why the other categories are not used to calculate your photographer rating.

5: Fixing Reported Images:

To fix a reported image, simply select a category of photos that you wish to correct. In this case I am going to work on the category "The photo is blurry or unreadable". 

This will display all the images that have been reported as "blurry or unreadable". With these pictures being pictures that I have taken, I may have better insight into the photo and be able to correct any mistakes.

In this case, I will click on the first image in my list.

Which takes me to the transcription page to transcribe this image. Which from here allows me to review the photo further.


Upon closer examination, I can see that between the two linked photos that the photo is not actually "blurry or unreadable" and can create a complete record. However, it is in German which I am not proficient in. Perhaps a user that is fluent in German may be able to transcribe this stone. 

So I change the "Headstone Language" field to "German" so that someone transcribing German stones will see this photo. 

I then give both of these photos a "Thumbs Up" rating. 

Click "Skip"

And this record is now back in the transcription queue where someone who is fluent in German can transcribe this stone. Once it has been transcribed, it will be removed from your "Reported Images" section.

This is only one example of how to fix images that have been flagged. Some stones, you may be able to fix by transcribing them yourself! 
And for those wonderful accidental photos of your feet, fingers, or car floormats; you can now use the Delete function to delete photos that have not been transcribed by using the delete button at the bottom of the page.
Utilize the new tools found at the bottom of the transcription page to assist you in fixing flagged or reported images!
There are many other reasons why a stone may be have been flagged. If you come across issues that you are unable to resolve on your own, contact us at http://billiongraves.com/support so we can create new tools to help you in your picture taking.
Note: The My Statistics page does not currently reflect changes you make in real time. Please allow time for the servers to re-calculate any changes or corrections you have made to records. 
answered by hudson4866 BG Explorer (4.2k points)

Darauf habe ich lange gewartet.

Stelt sich nun die Frage: 6 Bilder werden genannt, 2 Bilder werden angezeigt. Wo sind die 4 anderen?

Und, ich habe jetzt gesehen, das viele Bilder falsch gemeldet wurden. Haben ein paar Abschreiber keine Lust zum Abschreiben???

- :-)

I've been waiting a long time.

Now Stelt the question: 6 images are called, two images are displayed. Where are the other 4?

And, I have now seen the many pictures were reported incorrectly. Have a few copyists do not feel like copying ???

PS for BG: bitte mehr in deutsch / please more in German

Hi Erik,

We have just pushed out an update to the My Statistics page to react to changes in real time.

To have these changes take effect, please refresh your page or your clear your browser's cache. (http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cache)

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I had to fix 99% of all the images reported so I stopped taking photos unless I knew I had time to transcribe them myself.  Other wise you have transcribers shoving more work than you all ready do to fix them. I went from photographing entire cemeteries to just a couple of stones in each cemetery because fixing good reported stones was a waste of time. Now i am barely on donating my time because I dont and wont deal with a one sided rating system for competitions i do not participate in. For people who are not out doing the physical labor. They sit at their computer flagging good images. 99% forget it. you are being one sided rated for competitions you dont participate in and your judge is someone who sits at their keyboard.
answered by MHGS_ICT_CemProj BG Explorer (4.5k points)
Maybe a transcriber can work with a photographer to work out the glitches.  Yes, I sit at the computer and transcribe in between my other duties.  No, it isn't walking around the cemetery but it is a necessary part of the process.  If the transcriber and photographer could team up especially if it is a mega picture taker. Then maybe it would help in the main purpose of this site.  which to share the pictures and the data upon it with people who can't get to the state or county where their loved one is buried.  Don't lose site of the original purpose of this site.
yea i have the same problem  I am sure there are people out there just looking for blurry images.  i uploaded over 25000 images and  must get about 5 or 10 a week that a reported   yet when I go and look  and zoom in i can see clearly what the stone says.   and my actual number of stones stay the same.   I think people dont know about the zoom button. I started to fix them  but then I thought no point as i would be her for years fixing images that have nothing wrong with them.   For the record  out of 25000 images i have had 3 to 5 blurry pics! which is expected when you take so many.  I have asked Billions about the problems for over two months now and get no reply. So now I just delete them when they come in.  So that grave stone lost forever as someone is not going to go to a cemetery to take one pic out of 5000 choices  when they see the rest have done.
I agree that it's not always easy or possible to go back and find that exact stone to retake a photo, but it takes the same time to delete the photo as it does to flag it as good and click "skip" to kick it back into the transcription queue.  That way perhaps the next transcriber won't be so picky and the record will be retained.
It would be easier to go back and retake to photos if the exact location in the cemetery was available  with the picture or if there was a printable list of pictures that included their locations in the cemetery so that whoever is photographing could print it and take it to the cemetery. One column would be the image, one column the location, and at the top could be a map of the cemetery with pins indicating where the images need to be corrected.