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asked in New to BillionGraves by BillionGraves Admin BG Master (157k points)

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While looking through your Statistics or My Photos you may come across images that are unreadable or blurry. When you are the owner of the images you can Delete them. This tutorial will show you how to Delete images you have uploaded using the improved Transcription page.

1. Login into the BillionGraves dashboard and choose My Photos.

2. Select a Photo from your Album that needs deletion.

Note: If you check your Reported Images and Statistics you can Delete images that have affected your ranking.

3. Select Delete

Note: You can ONLY delete YOUR Images.

4. Select OK to Delete the Image


5. The Image is now Deleted.

Note: The image is now gone. If you wish to have this image you will need to retake it using the BillionGraves application.


Using the Deleting feature to remove your images that are blurry or unreadable will help you improve your ranking. Learn more here: http://community.billiongraves.com/2149/how-do-i-fix-flagged-reported-images


If your images have been transcribed into records and you need them deleted, you will still need to contact Support.

If you need to contact Support regarding deletion please find us at http://billiongraves.com/support/.


BillionGraves Support

answered by BillionGraves Admin BG Master (157k points)
Why do I need your approval to remove a bad image if it has been transcribed. what does transcibing have to do with a bad photo. How do I get off the ranking system. I am unable to delete transcribed bad photos and I will not be participating in contests.
Hi AKB71,

Great Question! The reason approval is needed is once an image is transcribed it is now a record. Records are valuable sources of information and as with all Records inside BillionGraves handled with care. You will now have 14 days before any image is released to the trancscription pool so this allows time to remove bad images before they become records. Once an image is a record, its BillionGraves policy that for an image to be removed it must be heavily reviewed and moderated.



BillionGraves Support