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I have found that becuase of a duplicate images that I took or problems with the app hanging up on me when I am transcribing there are duplicate entries of several of my transcription entries.  Is there a way to delete an entry that I have made?  I understand you don't want everyone to have delete privilages but as the person who entered it, I should have that ability.  I do in Find a Grave and it helps with the problems of duplicates.  Occasionally on that website I will go to post a picture and will have missed the fact that the memorial was already set up.  Then I simply delete my entry.  It is quick, easy and painless.  It would improve your site if you gave people who are transcribing their own photos the same option.
asked in Transcribing Images by DMartin BG Beginner (130 points)

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If you are the photographer and the image hasn't been transcribed then the image can be deleted.  BG does now allow for duplicate records to be merged.  You will find a merge button on the corner of any records that has the same information.  To delete any record you will need contact support directly.


answered by BeNotForgotten BG Veteran (14.5k points)
I do not believe the person wants to delete a photo but rather a single entry that reads

john smith 1809- 1880

john smith 1809- 1880

Attached to one photo

They want to delete the duplicate entry so it only has one John Smith listed to the photo. I have been removing the name and adding Duplicate Entry as first and last name to prevent contacting support. I dont have the kind of time to report all this stuff for a common issue.