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I really like this feature!!!: Re-rate your photos.

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The 'Report Image' Button has now changed to 'Rate Image' where you can go back through your previously reported images and change the reported image back to good. This changes your statistics.

I'm fixing all those ones that transcribers reported for no real reason.

asked Nov 16, 2014 in Features and Enhancements by Whitejaegar BG Master (90,640 points)
I think the "rating" choices are more straight forward for transcribers also.  "Bad Headstone" (which does not ding ratings) and "Bad photo" (picture should be taken again) should really help.

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Auch ich habe gesehen, dass rund 90% falsch eingestuft waren. Es sind perfekte Bilder ohne Probleme vollständig abzuschreiben. Zumal ich immer alle von mir Eingestellten Bilder überprüfe, fehlerhafte Verknüpfung korrigiere, Bilder richtig drehe. Es wunderte mich extrem, das so viele nicht in Ordnung seien. Zum Glück gibt es jetzt die Foto-Statistik, damit die Informationen nicht verlohren gehen. Macht mehr Arbeit.
Tip: Bitte schaut euch die Bilder mit offenen Augen an. Und helft mit der Bewertung der Bilder. Nur so können wir optimal Arbeiten.

I've seen that around 90% were incorrectly classified. There are fully depreciated perfect images without any problems. Especially since I always check all set pictures of me, erroneous linkage correct, turn right or left on head. It puzzled me extremely, so many were not in order. Fortunately, there is now the image statistics so that the information does not go completely lost. Makes more work.
Tip: Please have a look at the pictures with their eyes open. And help with the evaluation of the images. Only then can we best work.


answered Nov 20, 2014 by Erik Werthschulte BG Explorer (4,960 points)
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I only started using BillionGraves after this feature was added, so I have no "before enhancement" version to compare it to.


As a transcriber, I think "Bad photo (unreadable)" is too vague and too harsh. It's also often inaccurate, because it's not always the entire photo that is unreadable - just one or two crucial bits. Often when looking at a photo, my reaction is something like:

* This is a really good, clear photo, and I can see the full details for three of the four people buried there, but there's a flower obscuring Martha's date of death.

* It's a great picture of the headstone, but - as was the fashion back in the olden days - there's no surname on it. Perhaps it's on the foot of the grave, and the photographer has forgotten to take a picture of it.

* The inscription is on the slab, and the photo was taken from the foot of the grave. Consequently the name and dates furthest away are hard to read because of the angle. It needs another photo, this time standing above the inscription and looking down.

* Blurry. Hopeless. I could perhaps make out a little of it if I really try, but I don't see why I should have to struggle so much. Go back and take it again. (And I do understand the difference between a worn/faded headstone, which is not the photographer's fault and no amount of re-photographing will ever improve, and a blurry photo.)

To try and provide more info to the photographer, as efficiently as possible, I'd like "Bad photo (unreadable)", when clicked on, to expand out to the following options:

* Too dark / part of gravestone is shadowed;

* Too light

* Too blurry

* Obstruction needs to be moved

* Bad angle

* Incomplete photo (e.g. foot of grave missing)

* Other (please enter details)

Would photographers find this additional info useful, or can they usually figure out for themselves why transcribers are rating their pics as "Bad photo"?
answered Dec 19, 2014 by Grave_Digger BG Master (91,420 points)
just what I was going to say!