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I thought your site would allow me to search and find burial sites of relatives.

Am I wrong?   If so  please delete my registration information.

Thank you.
asked in Person Lookup by Kris BG Beginner (140 points)
recategorized by BillionGraves Admin

1 Answer

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Hi Kris,

You are able to search for relatives burial sites using the search facility. If you find nothing, then there could be many reasons for that ie.

a. Your relatives had no headstone.

b. Your relatives had a headstone, but it was damaged to the point of being unable to be read.

c. Your relatives had a headstone, but it has not been photographed YET.

d. Your relatives had a headstone which has been photographed, but not transcribed YET.

The BillionGraves database grows by thousand of records EVERY day due to the tireless work of volunteers, photographing and transcribing grave stones.

If you are serious about finding your relatives, why would you want to delete your registration after 1 attempt?

Should you still wish to cancel your registration, contact Support@billiongraves.com



answered by Whitejaegar BG Master (92.7k points)