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I am trying to fulfil a request for Kempston Cemetery in Bedfordshire, UK. However although this request shows up and the cemetery shows on the board it does not come up when I conduct a search for cemeteries.

I cannot take photographs through the BG app as my mobile signal at the location is too poor to get GPS. I have taken images on my mobile however and would like to add them as a supporting record, for this i need to find the cemetery in a search and if it does not come up I can find no other method to add them.
asked in Viewing by Rebecca BG Beginner (290 points)

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Hi Rebecca,

Try using this link:


I don't know why it isn't showing in Cemetery Search. I found it by googling.

Hope this helps,
answered by Celique BG Veteran (10.8k points)
Thank you Celique, it is made all the more frustrating as I know it exists as an entity on this site but cannot be found on the drop down menu which you have to use when trying to upload supporting records.

I select United Kingdom - England - Bedfordshire from the drop downs and Kempston Cemetery does not appear

I have tried just selecting United Kingdom, then typing Ke in the seach box, still no Kempston Cemetery in the list of available options.

It means that there is no point in going to photograph the graves there as I am unable to upload the images to this site. The GPS signal is not good at the cemetery which means I cannot upload direct using the app.