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How do I de-link images taken by someone else?

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While transcribing, I have encounted linked images that should not linked.  I cannot see a way for me to de-link.
asked Jul 24, 2014 in Transcribing Images by JimAA BG Beginner (150 points)

3 Answers

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As far as I know, for other people's photos you have to email support with the link to the photos to have them unlink them.
answered Jul 28, 2014 by Andrea BG Explorer (2,450 points)
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email the link at the top of the brouser from the address bar to support@billiongraves.com and tell them what you think is wrong. Don't expect them to answer straight away, they have thousands of these requests, but they will get round to it in the end.
answered Jul 28, 2014 by Paulwuzhere BG Adventurer (7,450 points)
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I found one recently.  I opened the record page of the deceased person and then clicked on the name of the person who submitted the photograph.  I emailed them to let them know those photos should probably be unlinked.
answered Aug 27, 2014 by PamZ51114 BG Explorer (1,030 points)

Once an image is transcribed the photographer is powerless to link/unlink any  images.  It didn't use to be this way but changes were made to the system that have take away image control from the photographer.  If you find improperly linked images you will need to contact support.  Only support can link/unlink transcribed images.