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asked in Other by Donny Dennis BG Beginner (200 points)
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Hello Donny.  Let me start with the obvious and ask if the GPS is on and did the program show strong signal when you took the pictures (in the bottom corner)?  Also, are you taking pictures in a cemetery that is already on BillionGraves or a new one you intend to add?
answered by esjackson BG Explorer (4.2k points)

Hello.  I took a total of 14 photos, and when I go to the map on BillionGraves the GPS pins are reflected although at least one of the GPS pins is off by approximately 20 feet from where the actual grave marker is located.  Therefore, I believe that the GPS must have been on.  However, am not real sure about the strength of the signal.  Also, I was taking pictures in the Vivian Cemetery, Vivian, LA, and it is already on BillionGraves.  So far I have transcribed approximately 150+ images taken by other people, and  don't recall that even one of those images reflect the GPS coordinates.

I would guess that the signal strength changed for some reason.  I've noticed that before: When moving from stone to stone, sometimes the signal strength changes and I have to wait a few moments for it to come back up to good accuracy again.  It may be due to a satellite moving, a cloud overhead, or who knows what else.  20' is still pretty good accuracy from space to where you are standing.

You are correct in that GPS coordinates are not reflected in transcriptions.  Transcriptions are just the words on the headstone, not its location.  That is reflected on the cemetery map.