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asked in Transcribing Images by Gail1550 BG Beginner (210 points)

2 Answers

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I'm unclear exactly what you are asking for. Are these your own images? And you want to delete them yourself, but you can't, because you uploaded them more than a couple of weeks ago?

Because you haven't provided much information, I can only give you more general advice, which is this: Is your request for help aimed at BG Support? Then you will need to send it to them, using the Support link which is at the bottom of most BG pages.

You will need to provide them with very specific details of what you want them to remove, including URLs. If you only send them what you've written in your question here, you almost certainly won't get a reply.

This page is a public forum, where we try to help each other with commonly encountered problems. But we're all BG users, just like you. If you are unable to do a certain thing and you need the help of BG Support, there's no point requesting it here, because we have no more ability to alter things than you do. We sometimes know a few tricks to get around certain problems, but there are things only BG Support can do, and you need to ask them directly. I don't know whether the people from BG Support read everything on these pages, but I suspect they don't, because they only occasionally reply, even when a question or comment is addressed to them.
answered by Grave_Digger BG Master (91.5k points)
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Hi Gail1550,

The NaAuSay Cemetery shows only 1 photo available for transcription, however, on the map of the cemetery there are about 50 green 'pins' showing untranscribed graves.

These green pins do not appear in the transcription queue because they have been 'reported' as not being readable etc.

If you click on the pin, you will still be able to transcribe it if you are able to read the stone.

Failing all that, follow the advice from Grave_Digger.

Cheers Jim



answered by Whitejaegar BG Master (93.5k points)