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Why do my uploads not show up in the publicly accessible data?

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I took and uploaded approximately 60 pictures Saturday and Sunday.  They show up as "my photos" and there are flags in the cemetery where I took the pictures on "my photo" of the cemetery.  I entered the information for each grave.  But my co-worker cannot see them.  On the list of area cemeteries which show the number of pictures entered for each, "my cemetery" does not show any number, i.e., it is blank.  How can I get the pictures into the system.

asked Apr 7, 2015 in New to BillionGraves by jimmer BG Beginner (130 points)

2 Answers

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If it's less than two weeks since you uploaded them and your co-worker cannot easily see them - e.g. if they go to the cemetery page and it doesn't have a "Transcribe Now!" message like this:


... or if it does have this message, but they click on it and are told to come back in two weeks, then the system is working as it should.

There is meant to be a two-week period for you, the photographer, to fiddle with your images - to delete the ones you don't like, to link the images that are of the same grave, to transcribe the ones you want to do yourself, and so on - before they are unleashed to the public in the general transcription pool.


1. The two-week period sometimes fails. I have occasionally picked up images from the general transcription pool that were taken only the day before.

2. Even when the two-week period is working, there is a back door into the images. On the cemetery page, click on Images:

If there are any untranscribed images, by default these will be displayed first, and it will display them whether they are still in the two-week period or not. I don't know whether this is a bug or whether it's deliberate, but I've found I am consistently able to get at images within the two-week window by doing this.


It's very handy for when I've asked a photographer to take pictures of graves in a particular cemetery for me. As soon as they upload them, I can go to Images as described above, and find their pictures. So if your co-worker really wants to see your images and the two-week period still isn't up, tell him/her to give that a try.


3. There's another back door into the images. You will notice on the cemetery map that some of the grave pins are green:


The green ones are the untranscribed graves, and again, I've discovered that it doesn't matter whether the two week period is over or not - you can click on a green pin and see the picture no matter how recently it was uploaded. And again, I don't know whether that is a bug or whether it's deliberate.

answered Apr 12, 2015 by Grave_Digger BG Master (91,420 points)
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For whatever reason, the system takes some time to get pictures available to the public. I'm not sure the exact time frame but I think I saw up to two weeks.
answered Apr 12, 2015 by Vawter BG Beginner (460 points)