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I tried to clear some of the 500+ images in my "Photo is blurry or unreadbale" file within "My Statistics" only to discover that if you click on "rate image" and then "Good photo/headstone" the transcribed details are cleared and the picture returned to the transcription queue. Is this what's mean't to happen? What a waste of a lot of hard work!
asked in Ranking by SteveN BG Explorer (4.4k points)

1 Answer

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I didn't answer your question "Is this what is meant to happen?", because I don't know the answer, and I've been waiting for BG Support to say something, but they haven't. And it has now been about three or four weeks since you raised the question, so I doubt they're going to.

I agree that it sounds like a waste of hard work to wipe out all the information that was already transcribed. Even more so if someone has gone to the trouble of entering a lot of other detail against the transcribed record (Personal History, links to other family members, and so on). Presumably all that information will be wiped.

I suggest you try to attract BG Support's attention by raising this question again, but this time in the Bugs and Fixes section of this forum. BG Support seem to be fairly under-resourced and I suspect they don't read most of the questions in this forum, but they do seem to monitor the Bugs and Fixes section fairly closely. There's still no guarantee you'll get a reply from them, but your chances are probably better than here. Better still if you can provide proof of what is happening, via screenshots and/or step-by-step instructions to help them recreate the problem. If you can't prove that it's a problem, then they can't fix it, in which case you may not even get a reply from them.
answered by Grave_Digger BG Master (91.4k points)
Thanks for taking the time to reply Grave_Digger. After lots of messing about I think I have answered my own question.

In order to remove the reported image from the blurry or unreadbale images file, you have to change the rating before you transcribe it. I have done a few like this and it seems to be working The ones that are already transcribed (with a blue edge) will clear and return to the transcription queue if you change the rating. These I have decided not to touch and leave in the file.  

Best Wishes

My pleasure, Stephen.

Since you first raised your question back in April, Whitejaegar (Jim) posted this, which touches on the issue of transcriptions being automatically deleted after a photo is re-rated as good:


It still isn't clear to me whether this is a deliberate design feature on BG's part, or whether it's a bug. If it's deliberate, I still don't think it's the most sensible thing BG have ever done. And (as I wrote in the comments below Jim's post), I think BG could do more to advertise the fact that there's no point in rating an image as bad AND saving a transcription - the transcription is only going to disappear if the image gets re-rated as good. But at least Jim's post proves that what's happening to you is not some weird one-off anomaly - it is, apparently, simply the way it works.