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K...so I have been transcribing, and while I am in the transcription window, the picture of the gravestone is rotated the correct way...however, when I got to the record page on Billion Graves, the picture is rotated the wrong direction.  I'm not sure what to do here, because when I am transcribing, it appears to be correct, and then it saves it a different direction.  I only recently became aware of this issue, so if I have transcribed a headstone, and saved it with the picture rotated incorrectly, I apologize.

If anyone has any info on why this is, or how to fix it I'd appreciate it! :)
asked in Rotating/Zooming by ElderWinters BG Explorer (1.1k points)

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This is something that everyone encounters when they start transcribing, and it can make you want to tear your hair out. A picture is the wrong way round, you rotate it, so transcribe, save - and then see that it's back the way it was.

In the absence of any explanation and instructions from BG, the secret of getting the photos to stay rotated seems to be: rotate, WAIT 15-20 seconds, REFRESH the screen, then transcribe and save. It's the waiting and refreshing that seems to do the trick.

If after doing all that, the saved thumbnails are still the wrong way round, click on a thumbnail, and it will should right itself automatically. If it doesn't, try clearing your browser cache.

The best step-by-step instructions I've seen on getting your rotated pictures to stay rotated, and in particular, how to do it even after the images have already been transcribed, were written by Whitejaegar (Jim), and are here:


answered by Grave_Digger BG Master (91.4k points)
selected by ElderWinters
Awesome.  Along with that, I also heard from the Billion Graves Tech that even if the picture still appears wrong to me, that it is right in the system, and that it looks like that because of the browser cache.  So that explains why refreshing would fix the problem!