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Welcome to the BillionGraves Community!!!


You are here because you have a question and you want an answer! Let us help you get that answer by following these steps.

1. Make sure your question has not been asked already. Check the community out! Use the Search feature at the top right hand corner.

2. If your question has not been asked in any form then feel free to ask! However, it is important to use the correct filter. For Instance: If you are asking "How to take pictures" then use the Taking Pictures Category.

Note: Please refrain from adding any question to Frequently Asked Questions. This is reserved for questions asked by BillionGraves or questions with high amount of views. 

3. If your question is a bug report then follow this link for the neccesary steps: http://community.billiongraves.com/3481/i-found-a-bug-and-want-it-fixed-what-do-i-do

4. If you just want to chat or make a comment for other users to see then please use the Chat/Misc category.

5. The Q2A will record your questions so other users can look them up and learn from them. This is a learning environment and therefore please be posivite, informative, and respectful. Note: BillionGraves and its moderators can and will remove negative and irrelevant posts along with editing answers and comments.

6. Finally.. Be patient with other users and their responses. BillionGraves support will be moderating the Community and will make sure the best answer is represented. 


We are so appreciative of you and we hope your BillionGraves experience is a terrific one!


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This is for instruction on using the BillionGraves Community. For your support needs please use the form found here: http://billiongraves.com/support/.


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