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Why is only one of the 15 headstones I uploaded and transcribed showing up in the list of a cemetery I added?

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I added Ash Flat Cemtery and it shows up on the website.  However when the list of names of people buried there comes up,  there was only one name in the list, when in fact there should be 15+ names.  Where did everyone else go?
asked Aug 16, 2015 in Other by Brenda BG Beginner (130 points)

1 Answer

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Cemetery indexes are notorious for lagging behind the actual transcribing of grave records. Left to their own devices, they can easily take up to a day to update, and from what other users have reported to me, I suspect they sometimes take a lot longer.

It's particularly noticeable when a grave has to be moved from one cemetery to another. You move the photo, and everything looks just fine - the photo, the transcribed record, the pin showing where it is on the cemetery map, the Person Lookup - but in the cemetery index, the grave remains stubbornly attached to the old cemetery and absent from the new one.

But I discovered a neat trick to force the cemetery index to update.

For the grave record you're trying to make appear in the indexes:

* click on the blue Edit button in the top right corner of the screen.

* in the Edit screen that appears, if there's anything that needs entering or correcting - the name, the dates of birth and death, the maiden name, the age at death, whatever - then fix it. If there's nothing that needs fixing, don't worry. Leave it as is.

* click on Save.

* Go back to the cemetery index page and refresh the screen.

The act of saving should forcibly update the index. If your grave doesn't appear, wait a few seconds and refresh it again.

I did it just now with the Isaac Drury Wilson grave, and it worked fine, so try it for all the others. If there's more than one person buried in a grave, you need to do this for each one.

answered Aug 16, 2015 by Grave_Digger BG Master (91,420 points)