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Do i need to wait to upload my images if my cemetery has not been approved yet?

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asked Sep 29, 2015 in Frequently Asked Questions by BillionGraves Admin BG Master (156,560 points)

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Absolutely not!


Please feel free to upload your images as soon as you have added the cemetery. Why?

The main reason is after 100 images are uploaded in the cemetery you added, its AUTOMATICALLY approved. No need to wait.


If you are concerned that your images are being uploaded to the wrong cemetery that is really not a problem. Here's why..

The images have GPS coordinates on them. The Cemetery markers have their own separate information as well. So when the cemetery is added the images can be recalculated to the cemetery. Most of the time this is automatic as BillionGraves has a program that recalculates every day.




In short.. No reason to hesitate when uploading your images! Even if they go the wrong cemetery that can be EASILY corrected. 


BG Support

answered Sep 29, 2015 by BillionGraves Admin BG Master (156,560 points)
First photos (26) taken in Canada and they do not upload nor does the cemetery list in my site. Is there some thing I need to do when the distance between cemetaries is so great?