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If you have BG Plus then you may be wondering how you can manage your subscription. BillionGraves has made it quite simple when it comes to viewing, managing, and canceling your subscription.

First, you will need to Log In the website. From there you will select Research>Manage Subscription.

Next select Manage Subscription: https://billiongraves.com/bgplus-manage-subscription

To Update Your Payment or view your Subscription Price click Update Payment Information.

This will display your BG Subscription Settings. You can see when your account expires, The Buy Now or Update Credit Card Information to extend your subscription, the status of your account, or the cancellation button which will cancel* BG Plus.

*Note: Cancelling only Cancels the Auto Renewal. Not the service you paid for. All Sales Final.

NOTE: You must cancel before your expiration date or your account will automatically renew. Support does not cancel subscription or accounts. Also, a phone call or email requesting cancellation WILL NOT cancel your account. You the user must cancel your own account or subscription by selecting “Cancel Subscription” underneath the Green “Buy Now” or "Update Payment Information".


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answered by BillionGraves Admin BG Master (157k points)