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Is there any way to use the phone app to delete photos after they have uploaded and been transcribed?  I found a way to do it using the laptop and plugging the phone in as a media device, but surely there is some way to do it from the app, or am I asking too much? I don't want to do upload and auto-delete on the fly, because I am working old rural cemeteries with a lot of shade and don't always get good signals.  I have a Samsung android 4.0.4.
asked in Other by dswright BG Master (37.9k points)

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From what I can tell you have 2 choices.. in settings you can set it to delete after you upload or you manually delete 1  by 1.  Which gets frustrating.  I use to do that and now I just take my photos in the cemetery, go home to upload so I am on wifi and then I have it set to delete once they upload.  I try to do my grave yard in sections so if I am having problems with transcriptions once  I go onto the website from the computer I use other grave markers before and after that picture to relocate that grave on my next trip to the cemetery.  This way I can minimize the location and go back to get the information I can't really read or to take a whole new photo.  Hope that helps.

answered by NYHendersons BG Beginner (380 points)