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linking - need beginner advice on what to link

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I have a group of photos that were located together.  There's one stone (two photos) that has two surnames on it. Then there are four headstones of individuals that appear to be part of this family; two of the headstones have surnames that match the large stone with just the two surnames. I initially linked them all together, but now I'm wondering if each individual should be unlinked from the others.  And what do I do with the single stone with two surnames (no first names or dates).  Does it need to be included at all?
asked Apr 29, 2016 in Other by kwmoore76 BG Beginner (140 points)
Hi kw.  Good advice from ds.  Here is a link to a faq about linking that Grave_Digger did in January.  It talks about some good do's and don'ts for linking images.


1 Answer

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kw : This is how I deal with what is known as a FAMILY PLOT., if I see it coming, In our local cemeteries the custom is to have large family plots with 8-12 people, all related in some way. There can be up to 4 different surnames on the large SURNAME STONES. I take a photo of the SURNAME stone(s) first. then take photos of  the individual stones in order,, and link as I go (if I remember). After the photos upload, and you start transcribing, go ahead and link them all and transcribe. If I have to go to other sources to check relationships and confirm surnames, then I put that information in the "grave description area. Like this example:

FATHER - James Briggs, husband of Sheila, parents of George, John and Nancy Briggs.  \\

MOTHER - Sheila (Watson) Briggs, daughter of Frank and Georgina (Eastman) Watson.

Nancy (Briggs) Edwards, wife of Thomas R Edwards,

Infant  - child of Nancy and Thomas Edwards

I know BG wants the family stuff in the History box below, but that does not show up in quick record view, and it is not convenient to have to open that up all the way when I am going back and forth to get the relationships right.

If BG ever gets the "relationships" function right, then I will go back to my own records and put those in, but in the work that I am doing, that will come later.

Even if you don't know the relationships, go ahead and link them if they are within an obvious plot. Odds are that someone OCD like me will be able to work out the relationship and figure in missing surnames, as is sometimes the case when the individual stones do not have the surnames on them.

Hope this helps, but if you have more questions reply back here, and thanks for asking this early in your work. Some of us old-timers spend a lot of effort to match up "orphan" groups where the photographer did not do the linking before the photos are transcribed.
answered Apr 30, 2016 by dswright BG Master (35,270 points)