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Can we link our supporting records (obit, death cert. burial records) to the photos taken on BG and to Familysearch.

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I would like to be able to link supporting records (obituary, death certificate, burial records etc.)  on BG to Familysearch.  Some of the records I have added will never have a photo because there is no headstone.  Also, it would be nice if we could link the BG records (obits, death certificate, burial records, etc.)  to BG photos when they are added.  Is this maybe a new feature we could work on?
asked Aug 15, 2014 in Features and Enhancements by Charlene BG Explorer (2,080 points)
edited Aug 16, 2014 by Charlene

2 Answers

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This is available now.  If you do any transcribing you will notice that a screen will come down and ask you to compare the record with a family tree in FamilySearch.

answered Aug 15, 2014 by BeNotForgotten BG Veteran (14,350 points)
edited Aug 15, 2014 by BeNotForgotten
Will there be a way to link records not photos of headstone with GPS to familysearch.  Records (obituary, death certificate, burial records etc.) is a seperate category.  I think it would be good if we could link to family search.  I think it would be good if we could link these records to the photo section when a photo is taken.
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What if you placed a photo request and then once the request was filled added the extra detail to the GPS record.
answered Aug 16, 2014 by MHGS_ICT_CemProj BG Explorer (4,540 points)