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Greetings BillionGraves Community,

We are excited to announce the next iteration of the BillionGraves record page!  After spending hours interacting with you at Roots Tech, at other conferences and in focus groups, we noticed that as a general rule, many of you, our users, were confused by the tabbed layout that we released last October.  We noticed that less people were interacting with the map, and using the invaluable GPS data that our photographers have painstakingly collected for each headstone image.  So, in this next iteration of the record page, we have removed the tabs, and moved all of the record information into easily viewable cards, all immediately available without navigating through tabs.  Along with this, we have also added quick view cards for each of the relevant BillionGraves Plus functions, including Nearby Graves, Family Plots and Global Family.  We hope that these quick view cards, as well as this new version of navigation will be helpful to all of you.

Feel free to leave any feedback as a response to this question.

As always, thank you for being part of our community,

The BillionGraves team
asked in Records by CaseyMonc BG Master (101k points)

I haven't figured out the new stuff yet, but I can't open the map to view markers at the cemetery. I use the map, so I do not go to parts of the cemetery that already have pictures taken.I also use the map when a picture I took is marked as "unreadable". When I have time, I go back and try to get a better picture. I can't do that if I do not know where the headstone is. So if you could tell me where the map went to/or fix the button that has "map" on it because its not doing anything.

 I'm sorry but I hate the new records page.  It's too busy with other "junk," and hard to navigate.  I've tried to learn to like it, but honestly I can't.  You really need to tone down the advertising, the oversize arrows, and big circles trying to lore visitor to a plus subscription.  Way to annoying.

Map still not working on this page. I like to be able to view it, for reasons explained above

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Hi BG.  At first glance I like the changes.  I do a lot of correcting of records and having the ability to make a change without having to scroll down the page is much better.  

I am looking forward to having some basic changes made to the transcription page as well, starting with having the maiden name/suffix/age at death area be part of the main page instead of needing to open it up as an "advanced" option.  Hopefully you've had lots of feedback on what needs to happen to simplify things so the information transcribed will be more accurate.
answered by Matt E BG Master (49.4k points)
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Would it be possible to create a way for Military Info to be added from the new record page?  It is possible to edit Military Info that is already there (and thank you for making that so easy to do), but if no Military Info exists, you have to go to the Transcription Page to enter it before the choice for "Military Service" appears in the list of cards on the record page.

Thanks, Celique
answered by Celique BG Veteran (10.8k points)
Hello Celique,

Thanks for your feedback.  I'll be looking at adding that feature back in today.  Hopefully by tomorrow you should see an update that will allow users to add military information to any record.
Strictly speaking, if no 'Military Service' card exists edit of the Transcription Page Miltary Info data is only recognised if a 'faith emblem' is included. If no 'faith emblem' is entered the data is ignored and no 'Miltary Service' card appears. Even selecting 'No faith emblem' and entering no other data is sufficient to produce a 'Military Service' card. This is not the case on initial transcription when some other data needs to be entered for the card to appear.
Hi Jeff,
Yes, to add military info to an already transcribed record, I have been doing exactly what you specify; navigate to the transcription page, add a faith emblem (even if just selecting "no faith emblem"), then navigating back to the record page and inputting the military information. (If the info is basic enough, eg just rank, branch, conflict, it can usually successfully be keyed on the transcription page itself; but I prefer to use the record page as additional info such as unit and Notes can be added there.)  It's the back-and-forth between pages that I am hoping can be avoided by allowing Military Info to be created from scratch on the record page.

Fingers crossed that BG is able to add this feature!
Hi Celique

I thoroughly agree - it is irritating and time-wasting to have to navigate backwards and forwards to manipulate the system. It's also disappointing that 3 days after GraveTrain's hope that it would be sorted out "tomorrow" nothing has materialised.

Even more disappointing is the fact that a lot of data which has previously been entered by transcribers has been hidden in the new format. Because of the deficiencies of the military info parser many people put the data in "Grave Information" but this is now only visible by clicking "Show More" on the Life Information card. Moreover, when transcribers have put the data into the "Military Transcription" field the only data rendered on the Military Service card is that which is recognised by the parser: the rest can only be seen by starting the edit process on the Military Service card when the "Transcription" field is then shown. Anyone not in the habit of correcting military records would miss this information.

BG's reliance on the dysfunctional military parser has long been a major weakness of the system resulting in bad data, misplaced data and now hidden data.

I see the update has been made to allow Military Service data to be created directly from the record page!  Makes adding this data to existing records much easier.

Yes, good news.They've also fixed the long-running bug on the transcription page where 11=10 & 22=20.  Odd, though, that it works in IE11, Edge and Chrome but not in Firefox. Wouldn't it be useful if BG announced these incremental alterations in a change log?
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I notice that the Grave Description and Grave Epitaph fields do not appear on the new record page.  Is there a plan to add those as additional cards?

Thanks, Celique
answered by Celique BG Veteran (10.8k points)

Hi Celique,

Grave Description and Grave Epitaph are still there, but it's an additional click to see them as per below..."Show More"

Ah yes, there they are!  Thanks...
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I am happy to use the new records page, especially when I am correcting pages. Only problem I do not know how to get back to the transcriptions page except by the computer back button. Is there another way that I haven't found?
answered by spanishmayne BG Explorer (3.1k points)
Life Information - Edit (Pencil icon) - Transcription Page
Thanks mate. I did find it just a couple of minutes ago.