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Does Billion Graves recognize if a gravestone has already been uploaded and transcribed?

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My daughter and I started photographing a local cemetery but didn't complete it in one day.  Now it's months later, and I want to go back to try and finish the cemetery, but I'm not absolutely certain where we left off.  Does Billion Graves flag duplicates?
asked Jul 28, 2014 in Getting Started by Donetta Kowalski BG Beginner (160 points)
recategorized Jul 28, 2015 by BillionGraves Admin
You can also find the last photo you by looking at "My Photos" under the Photos tab on the BG dashboard.

There is suppose be software to keep a duplicate from being added but I have yet to see this actually work. blush

2 Answers

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Yes, there is some wizzy software in there to capture duplicates, but with anything it is a fuzzy art. It only takes a couple of characters different from the people transcribing for the software to not be sure if this is a new grave with someone of the same name or the same grave with a date missmatch. So it urrs on the side of caution and leaves both graves separate.

My advice is to make a good guess, and start photographing. Is it better to have 2 photo's of the same grave, or to miss a grave ? I would rather have 2 photos of the same grave any day. Also a second photo of the same grave can't hurt. Taken a slightly different angle or at a different time of day, maymean that it becomes more transcribeable.

If you do find that there are 2 records for the same grave you can ask for them to be combined. Just send the 2 links (taken from the address bar at the top of the browser) and email them to BG support.
answered Jul 28, 2014 by Paulwuzhere BG Adventurer (7,450 points)
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You can also look at the map of the cemetary and it will show you which ones have already been done. From the app, click on "Cemetaries", then choose the cemetary and there are little "pins" that show which ones already have data.
answered Jul 30, 2014 by Desdemina BG Explorer (2,000 points)