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My Photos folder empty

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If you take pictures 1 day, uploads pictures next day, your photo folder is empty (Group Date).

To get the pictures that should be in your folder, change the date in the url string from the date the pictures were taken to the date the pictures were uploaded. You will then see all the pictures you uploaded.
asked Dec 4, 2016 in Bugs/Fixes by oba BG Rookie (590 points)

1 Answer

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You haven't mentioned if you're referring to the app but you might also turn off the setting 'Delete after Upload'.
answered Dec 4, 2016 by FamilyFinder BG Explorer (1,320 points)
This is when I am using my laptop (Google Chrome browser), accessing My Photos to transcribe the pictures. First I sort pictures by date (Group: Date), then I click on the picture showing the first grave stone of the pictures I took that day. My Uploaded Photos Folder comes up empty because the system tries to show gravestones based on the day they were taken, not the day they were uploaded. If I change the url from: "https://billiongraves.com/my-album/?albumdate=2016-12-02" to "https://billiongraves.com/my-album/?albumdate=2016-12-03", all the pictures are back. 2016-12-02 is the date I took the pictures. 2016-12-03 is the date I uploaded the pictures.