13 Jul 2024



  1. Darwin

    How can we delete duplicate headstones?

    1. BillionGraves

      Hi Darwin, we don’t ever delete duplicate headstones. We combine two like headstones to show the history of the stone in time.
      If you come across two identical records, there will be a “Merge Duplicates” option appear in the top right corner of the record (when you are logged in). Click on this button and it will merge the two records together creating 1 single record. Make sure that ALL the vital information is exactly the same on both records or the “Merge Duplicates” icon will not appear! Check out our community page for more tips on managing records. http://comm.billiongraves.com

  2. Maria Naranjo

    Good day
    long time ago i uploaded some pictures of Cementerio Antiguo de Monteria (city: Monteria, Country: Colombia) and they uploaded at the wrong cementery (Jardines del Recuerdo, at Bogota)

    i contacted you to correct it, but it is still wrong: The thombstones of Cementerio Antiguo de Monteria are showing at Cementerio Jardines del recuerdo.

    What shlould i do? i do not have those pictures on my computer, and it will be a loss…


    1. BillionGraves

      Hi Maria,

      Our support team should be able to help you with that! Email support@billiongraves.com.
      Provide them as much information as possible including the the cemetery the images are currently in and where they should be. With that information, they should help you get it straightened out quickly!

  3. VERA

    Not everyone is a high level techie. Some of us need STOP buttons when we realize we pushed the wrong one! Some of us need more direct, clear information in what to do once we get to a landing page.

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