27 May 2022



Transcribing Tips & Tricks 

Transcribing photos on BillionGraves is a fairly simple process. You put as much information as possible into the appropriate fields (Given Names, Family Names, etc.), and you then put anything that doesn’t fit into the free-text boxes that appear after you click “Add Description.” There…

Make the Most of Your Cemetery Visit 

When you visit a cemetery, you’re usually looking for or visiting someone specific. This someone is most likely near and dear to your heart, or at least marginally tied to your blood. It makes sense that you’d want that specific someone to be recorded so…

Release Notes

iPhone App Update 

Version 1.1 of the iPhone app was approved by Apple yesterday, and here’s what it has under the hood: The camera will not take photos without an accurate GPS fix. This will ensure you have the most accurate GPS location possible for all your photos because…