03 Jun 2023

Tag: upgrades

Release Notes

iPhone App Update 

Version 1.1 of the iPhone app was approved by Apple yesterday, and here’s what it has under the hood: The camera will not take photos without an accurate GPS fix. This will ensure you have the most accurate GPS location possible for all your photos because…

Future Features 

Thank you for making the launch of BillionGraves.com so fun to watch and experience. We appreciate all the feedback you’ve been giving us and we’re hard at work adapting the site and app so they work better for you. Here’s a look at what we’re…


Android App Availability 

We’ve loved the responses BillionGraves.com is getting. We’ll be addressing them as we can here on the blog. One of the most frequent responses we’ve been hearing is a question: Why isn’t there an Android app, and when will there be one? To answer the…