The BillionGraves team is proud to announce that we have reached 7,000,000 records! Thanks to all the contributors around the world!


We are reaching each Million Mark faster and faster each time around. With new partnerships and dedicated contributors, we are growing our headstone record database.

We couldn’t have done it without the wonderful contributors who are visiting and photographing cemeteries throughout the world as well as all those transcribing all those images!

Here are some additional statistics:

3,654 different cemeteries
33 different countries (US, Australia, UK, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand, Germany, Sweden, Egypt being the top 10)
51 US States (California, Arizona, Texas, Florida being the top)
9 Canadian Provinces (Ontario being the top)
7 Australian States (Victoria being the top)

Our Contributors:
2,222 Picture Uploaders
2,809 Transcribers 
47 Countries (US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Egypt, Thailand, The Netherlands being the top 10)

The 7 millionth record was transcribed by clyork0425 (Tennessee, United States) and the 7 millionth image was taken by Sabrinabettridge (Australia)

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-The BillionGraves Team