BillionGraves Golden Egg Contest has officially begun!

AprilWinthePinGoldenEggClue1Week #1

To get things started off right, the clue to this week’s Golden Egg is going to be an easy one. If you have been following us on Facebook, [hint hint… go “like” us! 😉 ] you’ll notice our new “This Day in History” posts provided by What better way to start off our historical Golden Egg Contest with a clue from this day in history!

Want to know more about the Golden Egg Contest? Read more HERE then start hunting!

The clue to this weeks Golden Egg is…..

CLUE: When did Pope John Paul II pass away?  Hint: Watch the video to find out!

Remember to follow all the guidelines and rules to qualify for the challenge each week! A quick refresher on the basic rules:

  • The clue will be for a specific date (day, month AND year) of a significant moment in national or global history that you will need to find on a headstone between the Wednesday and Sunday (11:59pm) of that week.
  • If you find a headstone with the special date (day, month AND year), you’ve found a BillionGraves Easter Egg!
  1. Take a picture and upload it to BillionGraves through the mobile application
  2. Copy and paste the URL into the comments section of this Blog post.

For a full recap of all the rules check them out HERE

Good luck and Happy Hunting! 🙂