BillionGraves Golden Egg Contest Winners!


Week #3

Week 3 of the BillionGraves Golden Egg Contest is officially over! Another incredible week with 289,075 photos taken and 321,967 new records transcribed! A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed this weekend and found 25 Golden Eggs all over the world! Check out the leaderboard HERE!

week3 leaderboard

This week’s Golden Egg clue was the date of the sinking of the HMS Titanic in the north Atlantic: April 15, 1912.

Here are the 25 entries submitted over the weekend!

Week #3 Entries
1 Robert Alan Carter …/EvelineClifton/7595575
2 Robert Alan Carter …/ArthurABrown/7595653
3 OpiumEater …/JosephBell/7601294
4 OpiumEater …/WHartley/7601496
5 OpiumEater …/CharlesVClarke/7589241
6 OpiumEater …/GreorgeFrederickTurner/7589227
7 OpiumEater …/ErnestWHamblyn/7600314
8 OpiumEater …/RichardHenryMoores/7604646
9 OpiumEater …/AlfredErnestGeer/7604720
10 OpiumEater …/CharlesHenryKearl/7604796
11 OpiumEater …/HenryAllen/7604901
12 OpiumEater …/ArthurWMay/7604977
13 OpiumEater …/ArthurMay/7604978
14 OpiumEater …/CharlieCrumplin/7605040
15 OpiumEater …/JamesWyeth/7605094
16 OpiumEater …/WilliamFordKingscote/7605136
17 OpiumEater …/WilliamEwahnCaunt/7605189
18 OpiumEater …/WilliamMackie/7605222
19 OpiumEater …/GeorgeAlfredBennett/7604488
20 OpiumEater …/HenryDennisWitt/7605252
21 OpiumEater …/EdmundStone/7605302
22 OpiumEater …/HubertProuse/7605313
23 OpiumEater …/AlfredFoster/7605376
24 Jodie1 …/ErnestMelvilleMcMillanPurdie/7602244
25 OpiumEater …/ArthurBurroughs/7627668

The winners of the BillionGraves Golden Egg Contest for week 3 are:

Bronze Egg ($10 Amazon gift card): Jodie1


wk3 Bronze

Silver Egg ($20 Amazon gift card): Robert Alan Carter


wk3 Silver

Golden Egg (Titanic In Photographs Collectors Edition): OpiumEater

week3 winner

In this evocative collection of photographs the authors of TITANIC: The Ship Magnificent tellTitanic’s full story, set against the backdrop of the great race to build the biggest and best passenger liner. From her genesis in the shipyard of Harland & Wolff to the anticipation of her launch and through her fitting out and sea trials, the excitement of Titanic’s maiden voyage is keenly evident in the many rare and unusual images in this book. Looking at her departure from Southampton and her stops at Cherbourg and Queenstown, and including many photos never before published, the book follows the story to its tragic conclusion, the role of the Carpathia and the aftermath of this shattering disaster.

wk3 Gold

****Winner’s please email with your mailing address to claim your prize!****

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this week’s Golden Egg contest! Didn’t win this week? Don’t worry, you can still win a Golden Egg during week 4 of the Golden Egg Contest! So grab your phone, and start planning your trip to the cemetery this weekend! Remember, you need the clue to participate, so follow us on Facebook HERE and tune in this Wednesday for this week’s Golden Egg clue.

Happy BillionGraves’ing!