Did you notice the rewards program for transcribers on the BillionGraves website? Go check it out if you haven’t!

In addition to the rewards you can earn by uploading pictures of your local cemetery, you can also earn rewards by transcribing images for our database. For the first 500 images you transcribe, you’ll earn one Record Watch. After you transcribe 1000 images, you’ll earn one Record Watch for every subsequent thousand images you transcribe.

Did you forget what Record Watches are? A Record Watch means you’ve submitted a specific surname you’d like to monitor at BillionGraves. Whenever a headstone with your specified surname is transcribed, you are notified via email. With these notifications, you’ll know right when the latest data on your family history becomes available.

BillionGraves keeps track of your transcriptions in several places—on the dashboard, you can already see how many records you’ve transcribed.

In the transcription view or on the Upgrade page, you’ll see how many records you still need to transcribe to earn your next Record Watch.

Once you earn your Record Watch, visit the Create Record Watch page to create it. Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks again to all of our volunteers—image uploaders and transcribers alike—we couldn’t do it without you! Start transcribing more images so you can earn your Record Watch!