The BillionGraves team is proud to announce that we have reached 12,000,000 million GPS headstone records, and 137,706 users! This is a big milestone in growth of BillonGraves! Thanks to all the contributors around the world! For those of you who prefer to see stats in a pretty little picture, we’ve created this small info graphic for you! 🙂


State_of_Growth_Full_12_MillionEven with the cold weather and holiday season, our contributors are still cranking out millions of records! This time, it only took 66 days for our transcribers to create another million records! With new partnerships and dedicated contributors, we are growing our headstone record database internationally! With 646,000 records coming from the US, that means that nearly 354,000 records are coming from outside the US! That is a huge change for us and a huge advantage to those searching for ancestors overseas!

We want to thank everyone who helped us reach 12,000,000 so quickly! We couldn’t have done it without the wonderful contributors who are visiting and photographing cemeteries throughout the world as well as all those transcribing all those images!

If you want some additional stats to feed your craving, here are some additional statistics:

137,706 Total BillionGraves Users
29,512 different cemeteries contain more than 1 GPS headstone record
Top 5 Cemeteries with GPS headstone records:
Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria, Australia: 123,152 Records
Greenwood Cemetery, California, USA: 96,506 Records
Saint Charles, New York, USA: 66,505 Records
National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, Arizona, USA: 60,271 Records
Petach Tikva Sgula Cemetery, Central District, Israel: 58,522 Records
124 different countries with searchable GPS headstone records.
Top 10 Countries with searchable GPS headstone records:
USA: 8,926,458
Australia: 879,081
United Kingdom: 571,821
Canada: 568,276
New Zealand: 198,705
Germany: 92,289
Poland: 81,319
The Netherlands: 68,435
Israel: 67,865
Sweden: 63,068
845,745 Images waiting to be transcribed and added our searchable database!
2,992 Users helped transcribe the last 1 million GPS headstone records
4,171 Users help take the photos of the last 1 million GPS headstone records
Who took the 12 millionth photo?


Who transcribed the 12 millionth GPS headstone record?


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-The BillionGraves Team