Today we released version 1.3 of the Android version of the app. Most of the updates are things you won’t notice—fine-tuning, bug fixes, etc. However, with this update we’ve made peace with several phone models that were formerly hostile to the BillionGraves software.

Android phones vary widely in terms of hardware and software functionality. Not all phones support the type of GPS that can tag your photos’ locations within a reasonable margin of error for cemeteries; some phones just use GPS differently than the majority of the Android models out there.

This update includes patches and workarounds for a number of phones that didn’t support BillionGraves before. If you haven’t been able to run BillionGraves on your Android phone previously, try out this update. If it works for you, let us know; if it doesn’t, still let us know by emailing support @ Our development team is always working to improve your use and experience with BillionGraves.

Also of note, we will not be holding a t-shirt contest this month. We will, however, have future contests and I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we have them ready for you. For now, keep your eyes on the Leaderboard and race to the top.