We’ve made a few improvements to the iOS app and wanted to let you know what we’ve changed. Here’s what you’ll be getting when you download the latest version of the app:

  • Camera view is “what you see is what you get.” Because the aspect ratio of the picture doesn’t always match the size of the iPhone screen, a lot of users were unintentionally getting their feet and other objects in the picture. We now adjusted that so what you see on your screen is exactly the shot that is taken.

    Because of this, you might see a black border around your screen in the camera view (especially if you are on an iPhone 5+). This is normal and will help you be able to take the exact picture you want.

  • Display activity view when removing images.  If you tap on “Remove all Images” the app now displays a spinner while the images are being removed. This didn’t happen previously and people were confused as to why the app wasn’t working. Now you’ll be able to see that the app is working on removing those images from the app for you.

    Just be aware that if you are removing a lot of images, it may take some time to do this.

  • Some minor bug fixes. There are quite a few bugs we’ve fixed, and here are a few you might notice:
    -better handling of indoors mode
    -cemetery list now refreshes when you open the cemetery page
    -fixed translations for spanish and portuguese in the Transcription view
    -magic transcription parsing now works for spanish and portuguese
    -and other minor bug fixes

If your phone doesn’t already do it automatically, make sure you download the latest app and happy BillionGraves-ing!