Herbert O MorrisonThis headstone marks the final resting place of Herbert O. Morrison, who is buried in Scottdale, Pennsylvania. This talented radio announcer was most famous for his radio coverage of the Hindenburg Disaster on May 6, 1937 that killed 36 people. Morrison was not broadcasting live at the time of the explosion, but the recording was rushed back to Chicago where it was broadcast that night. It quickly became the most widely-known eyewitness account to the tragedy.


Morrison’s recording is detailed and descriptive but also captures the horror that everyone involved felt. His emotional reaction to the scene captured just how tragic this disaster was and his use of the phrase “Oh, the humanity” has become a catch-phrase throughout the world.

This You-Tube video dubs Morrison’s voice-over onto film footage of the explosion:

A big thank you to our Twitter follower, Zane Ermine, for pointing this out to us!